Lauren Hill's Story

Lauren Hill

      Lauren Hill was diagnosed with a rare and terminal form of brain cancer while a senior in high school. This diagnoses would stop a lot of people in their tracks, but not Lauren.

"I never gave up for a second, even when they told me I had a terminal diagnosis. I never for a second thought about sitting down and just not living life anymore," she said.

      Lauren did not give up her dream of playing basketball and instead joined the team at St. Joseph University in Cincinnati Ohio. The NCAA agreed to move up her team's season opener to allow her a chance to play. And she did.

"I love the roar of the crowd and the bouncing of the balls and the squeaking of the shoes and people working hard and, you know, fighting. And I just can't wait to be standing on this court in a basketball uniform with the number 22," she said.

      She made two layups that game. In total, she would play in four games and make five layups. During her battle with cancer, she wrote essays about treating life as a blessing and encouraged others to make the most of every day. Even LeBron James was moved enough to send her words of encouragement. She also helped to raise more than $1.5 million for cancer research with The Cure Starts Now Foundation.

Lauren passed away in April, 2015. She was only 19.

Lauren Hill

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