About Us

      Hi, my name is Suzanne and I would like to welcome you to OnlyaWoman.com! A website dedicated to the support of women and the fight against the adversities they face. To give you a little background, I can tell you that I consider myself a strong forward-thinking woman, who has always held an intense passion for women's rights and individual freedoms. Sometime back in 2005, I created a small website which provided an internet-based service which catered to women. As time passed, I began to look at that for-profit website as misdirected. If I really wanted to help women it was not through selling a product or service - no matter the discount or benefit. What I really needed to do was reach women on an intellectual level.

      In 2009, I began to write guest articles for established websites and forums focusing on equality and women's issues. It wasn't until more recently that I realized that with my own site I could have more freedom to convey the information in a more organized and focused manner. That bring us to where we are today and we've come a long way. Maintaining this site has some cost associated with it but the biggest investment is time. To offset this, I'm sure at some point there will be advertisements to some degree on this site. My only hope is that they do not distract from my message.

      Women have been discriminated against for centuries. Although many significant battles have been won, it continues to this day. In some cultures and communities it is worse than others. And despite our advances, we should not rest easy with our current accomplishments. We should continue pushing forward until the practice of treating women as second class citizens is unheard of. Again, the mission of this website is the dissemination of information. We monitor how women are portrayed on many different levels including in the media, in movies or TV, in sports, or music. We should no longer be viewed as weak or as sexual objects. We should be appreciated for our accomplishments and humanity.

      Our goal starts with awareness of women's issues but the end is no where in sight. As strong independent females we should stop short of nothing but success and change for the better. On this site, we hope you find the information and inspiration to go out and make the changes necessary to make the world even just a little better for the girls growing up today. And if you find this site useful, please share it with friends and family not just for us, but for all of us. We have also included links to some very deserving organizations who could really benefit from your support. If you have the time, I suggest you check them out and see if there's a way you can contribute if you feel that's something you're willing to do. Thank you for your time and energy, your support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Suzanne at Onlyawoman.com